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Nutnose offers a safe and fully-customised online environment
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a big packer or a broker, business starts here.

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Close a deal within a few clicks.

We realize that what can be earned with making a great deal
can be lost easily if there's no seamless aftercare.
That's why we assist during the whole process and offer after-sales service.





No risk with
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No risk with
verified members

Easy &
time saving

Easy &
time saving


How It Started

The idea of Nutnose, an online transaction platform, really started to take shape back in 2015. The introduction of Nutnose 1.0, the BETA version, was on the INC in San Diego in 2016. At its launch, Nutnose was a website where buyers and sellers could get in touch with each other. Nothing more, nothing less.

Feedback from both buyers and sellers made it clear that members were looking for a transaction platform that could take over part of the responsibility. Payment, documentation, after-sales service and quality assurance were and still are, the foundations of Nutnose 2.0, which was introduced over the summer of 2018.

Who can use Nutnose?

Nutnose is for buyers and sellers of nuts, seeds, and/or dried fruit, who buy or sell or a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1 pallet (~1000 kg).

The team

At the core of Nutnose is our team, all with broad experience in the nuts, seeds and dried-fruit industry. Our customer service experts are ready to answer questions you might have, while our skilled traders are there to close deals with you. To assist you during the after-sales process, we have skilled logistics professionals. With more than 50 years of trading experience in the team, you can be sure you're in safe, expert hands.

How can I sell my products?

Once you've created an account on our website, we'll verify your company information and double-check the mobile phone in the system. Once everything's in order, you'll be ready to start selling your products on Nutnose.com using the upload an offer tool.

What costs are involved?

Nutnose charges the seller a commission per transaction. We only charge you for business actually done through Nutnose: no business, no pay.

The commission is always 1%, with a minimum fee per transaction of 50 Euros. You'll always see the exact commission amount due before confirming any offer you want to upload.

How can I be sure of getting the quality I expect?

We verify sellers before they can close a deal. However, if that is not enough of a safeguard for you, there is the option to either require a sample to be approved or to require lab testing by a third party. To further safeguard quality, we feature historical data from all sellers on the website.

And if the goods I'm selling are no longer available?

All offers are subject to final confirmation. So, you can withdraw from a deal once a buyer has confirmed. Please be aware though, that without a clear reason for withdrawal, Nutnose has the right to deny future access. After all, our platform is for serious business and misuse will be sanctioned.

What are the payment terms?

This depends on the goods you're buying. For spot business, offers are on a prepayment basis. For goods from origin, the seller has the option to ask for either LC or CAD with an optional prepayment.

What if the quality doesn't match my expectations?

You always buy/sell under well-known and accepted Terms and Conditions (AFI, FOSFA, NOFOTA, NZV, SCTC, TNA & Hamburger Börse). This means that in the unlikely case of dispute, resolution can be sought through a court of arbitration.